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 We are a professional cap customized team!  Here the caps are made from high quality fabrics, various styles,various embroidery , various colors to match!
All the logos of caps on our website are just for example,we are factory manufacturer,so our aim is CUSTOM.If you have own logo or personality icon,welcome to inquiry here,we also do OEM/ODM,Blank caps are also fine. If you want to order or custom,please chat with us or email our service,they will give you professional answer and best quotation.The more you order, the cheaper it will be.
About caps
1.Types:We specialize in producing baseball caps, hip-hop/baseball caps, five - panel caps, trucker caps/mesh caps, etc.
2.Material:100% cotton; chino twill/Acrylic/Polyester/Cotton+Polyester/Cashmere/corduroy/washed Denim/canvas/leather
Regular material;
eg.Baseball caps;100% cotton chino twill/ Cotton;Polyester
   Snapback caps;Acrylic 
Introducts about cotton&Acrylic;
Cotton can be made into fabrics of various specification.Cotton fabrics are durable, washable and can be ironed also at high temperatures.Cotton fabric absorbs moisture and out quickly, so very comfortable to wear;
The main-by products of cotton generally have great value in various textile industries,it's just like people said,cotton is a treasure.
The character of caps which are made of cotton is soft,comfortable,well sun protection and good form.So cotton is the best choice to be used for baseball cap as Defaulted.
Acrylic;The difference between acrylic and cotton ,that is the softness;Acrylic fabric is little harder then cotton.Comparing with baseball,snapback (Hip - hop) hats have higher requirements on the shape of the hat.
So In application,acrylic is popular and popular to be used on snapback.Good hand feeling,stay shape well.
Work flows
Cutting bed-embroidery-eyelets-comstructed-panel trimming-sewing together-stitching brim-top button-ironing
Delivery time;15-30days as different quantity after received deposit.
How to rightly wash your caps?
Hats are generally not washed.If just some dust,just softly wipe it with a wet towel and put it dry naturally then.
If a large area or a stain that penetrates into the cap,please wash it with water.
1.Wet out the places where there is stain,put little soap;
2.Clean it Softly with teethbrush,not hand;
3.Sweatband must be cleaned,that's because sweatband is something that absorb the hand sweat,if not clean it too long,sweat stink will be there.
4.After done,you need to remove the extra soap with clean water.Warning; Avoid directly flushing the cap with tap that will make the cap out of shape.
Note;This way fits the caps which fabric is cotton.
How to dry your caps?
1.Dry naturally that with sunshine and breeze;
2.If you rush or wearing it in a hurry,make it with a hair-dry blower is a good choice.
Adjust the heat of electric heater to middle or low grade, turn the cap upside down ,blowing it to the inner bottom;The benefit,Using the heat of the electric heater and the osmotic moisture in the fabric, the wind will well pull the cap out,during this the cap is well lighly ironed and shaped again.Please take care the heat wind hot.
How to recover the cap shape if you don't have major cap support tools?
Knead the newspaper into a ball,and put into caps;Before this,adjust well the back strap to normal,and place the cap right standing over 24 hrs.